Does anyone else think Hero or maybe Not gonna die (Any other skillet song too) work for Bionicle or am I the only one?


Mmmmm, possibly. It seems like it'd be just a tad bit of a darker tone than Cryoshell was, but I think it'd be alright. As long as lego approves, that is.

Whispers in the dark all the way!


Hero cycles between being one of my favorite songs and a song I can't stand, but I think it'd work for Bionicle.
By the way, there is a (fan-made) Bionicle music video that uses Hero.

There was once a time when I considered nearly every Skillet song perfect for my own fanon. I think it's extremely fitting -- Monster works well for the tone of 2005, Hero for really any Toa team, and Circus for a Psycho... for Vezon.

Not sure if their tone would fit for BIONICLE G2 though.

There was an actual Bionicle song called "hero" released in 2005 by All Insane Kids/Dial Zero. Not the same song but the name confused me on this topic for a bit. stuck_out_tongue

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Actually, that was "What it takes to be a hero" wasn't it?

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The file name and art say hero.

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This is all the time for me.

I cite the following reasons:

  1. The inital verse while driven by guitar, is kinda dragging. Devoid of energy, and while I guess you could argue it's part of the point, it makes the first verse a trudge.

  2. The chorus, while finally getting some energy and liveliness, boils down to the narrator whining about how someone needs to save them.

  3. The second verse is false hope for the listener. Because it gets this build up, this progression of the narrator taking his place as a hero in his own right...

Only for the chorus, which should be grand, glorious, and defiant, to revert to more of the same whining from chorus 1.

Which in turn makes me not care for the succeeding lines after it.


Gosh, dumping on Skillet's song in a topic devoted to them. You should feel like a monster. wink

(I mostly agree, though. Skillet is a band I want to like, but just can't, sadly.)


Monster is....okay.

A bit too repetitive and cliche for my tastes, but it at least gets the job done. Unlike Hero.

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Wrong hero

Wait, so let me get this straight. There's Hero by Skillet, What it takes to be a Hero, and the Hero you're referring to? You've confused me here.

Yeah, Hero's a pretty common thing to use in Song titles.

Like Animal.

Neon Trees, Three Days Grace, Maroon Five, etc, etc.


.....yeah Evan asked me to use this for Clyzyk :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know it works.

I think you've missed a big part of the point of this song. Unfortunately, I can't really discuss it because it'd touch on a banned topic (religion).


Oh right.

I forgot. They identify as Christian Rock group. Yeah, uh, no comment.

A Friendly Mod Reminder: Please be respectful to other peoples' Religions, and try to refrain from discussions through it -Nyran


Yeah, I can definitly see why they banned this kind of stuff. One of us could end up with a fist-full of Skakdi spines up their nose... :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry for the confusion I was trying to say that the one I mentioned was the skillet one rather than the AIK one