Skrall Tactical Officer and Motorbike

I wanted to build a motorbike with steering that worked, so this is what I ended up with. The bike is inspired by the bat-pod from The Dark Knight and the light cycles from Tron.

I used the Skrall helmet because I liked the sleek shape. Perhaps this character could be from the far future on Spherus Magna after the reformation. The blue, black, and red made me think he could be a police officer, so maybe he is inspired by Judge Dredd too (combat-ready police officer in a far-flung future).


Love the skrall. The bike Could use some work.



You mean the front of the bike could look better?

It’s quite mysterious to say “some work” :smile:


Yeah, I meant the front should’ve clarified.


That’s true. Maybe some more panelling at the front would be good.

I was wondering how to make the steering column chunkier but wasn’t sure how.


Love the shaping on the torso and the concept. Could do with a windscreen or the like on the front and maybe some more greebling other than the engines.

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Thanks! I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Hmm. I used a windscreen on my hoverbike but having it on this vehicle might be tricky since the launcher can attach on that front area. Good idea though. Maybe could add that. Good point about the greebling. I’ll have a think of where that could go.

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Great moc, but why is a Skrall, the species known for their unlawfulness and mob like behavior a cop?

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Breaking down racial stereotypes that’s what!
He’s a cop in the future, maybe the future is nicer

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Love how set-like it is. I could easily imagine that being a set we could’ve gotten in 2010.

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@Cordax and @Axelford, lol we are talking far far future on Spherus Magna. Maybe Skrall, with their penchant for combat, would like being being tactical unit cops in this future society. To be honest though, I thought of the idea within a few seconds so something else could work too.

@akirk47 Thanks! I’m glad you think so. :smiley:

At the front I tried to make it look good but give as much space as possible for steering.

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