Skrallexus class Makuta

Pouring forth from the dark heart of Muri-Nui, the Makuta Skrallexus was by far our most common foe. While the extent of their intelligence was never fully known, even the basest of the Makuta forces possessed a keen battle instinct which rivaled that of a veteran matoran. Granted, the shadowy creatures did not have the adaptability and capacity to learn which we were capable of, but that hardly mattered when they were a near perfect universal soldier from the moment of their creation.

Hey all, it’s been a while (and will probably be a while before my next post). I haven’t been able to access the boards very well recently, and I lost access to most of my lego collection for a time (I still am missing quite a bit), but I decided to get around to posting this bad guy grunt that I built a while ago for my own Bionicle setting of Muri-Nui. I just wanted a little and mass-able villain to flesh out the world, while still coming across somewhat menacing. The build is very basic, but I like the possibility it affords, and the overall posture of it. Thanks for viewing!

For every one destroyed, three more would rise to replace it. Praise be to the Great Beings for Lady Ventsah, who, where all of her siblings failed, was able to stop the onslaught through some miraculous means…


Absolutely love the body structure for this, it’s really fun


Oho very creepy-looking. The lanky, skeletal design works in this moc’s favor and it’s very neatly designed. Nice lore, overall cool job


Thanks, that was definitely my favorite part of the build.

Thanks! I’ve been wanting to make a few more lore focused posts, so we’ll see if that ever happens.


Oh wow he skinny.

I like the idea of merging skrall with other mu species.