Skull army poster by Mask Maker studios

Here is a pretty awesome poster I made of the skull army! I used various pictures and techniques, although not my best work (and a few flumps here and there) I am very proud of this! And since I own none of these sets, I couldn't resists using a friend on google+'s amazing poses for these guys! I also included a second image of the valley without our spooky mates smile Enjoy to use however you wish but this is my work and please give credit.


I love the environment!

My only complaints is that the warrior on the far left looks out of place (lacks shading and feels tacked on) and the Mask of Creation is huge. stuck_out_tongue


That looks pretty Fantasti-cool™.

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Pretty good! I like it.

My only gripe is that I'm not certain about the eyes. They look kind of odd on some of them.

that looks relly cool dude smile


@Garnira That's the same way I felt about the eyes while making this picture, not too sure how i feel about them either.

@Rockho Now that you mention it, the mask of creation does seem a little out of proportion . Oh well laughing


This is really great smile

Same comments about the other warrior on the far left - feel you could remove that one and space things out a bit more on that side. Either that or add LoSS. Other than that i like it :3