Skull Basher (Concept) MOC
I tried alot of different technique on this and well…

I failed so hard. :bowling:


Close View:

It still have it Bashing function, you just need to pull the chain back.

Golden Onua/Pakari Mask
Bull Mask

I’m slathering this Bull tomorrow. :imp:


On one hand, it does look like the image.
On the other, it’s super messy.


:smirk: Well done, very well done.

You nailed the overall aesthetic extremely well. Perhaps if I could suggest one thing would be to add something resembling finds near the bottom of his chest like in the photo.

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y u no use Stronius club

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Nice. You captured the feel and look very nicely.
It may be messy, but it’s concept art. It doesn’t have to be neat.

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I like it.

I think it looks cool

Wow, he looks amazing! I’d say just replace the axe-blade with Stronius’s club and you’d be golden! Well done!

If you mean putting the rib-cage under the chest, it require a redesign on the torso or it will just be fragile.

I would but I never bought any summer set in 2009… :mask:

Honestly I think the “club” is just a rock the drawing picked up.
So fine job.