Skull Basher's Dragon

Long time ago on the island of Okoto villagers from the region of earth used these dragons to mine crystals and minerals.Unfortunately, the dragons started to become extinct until finally all died.Now one of them has been resurrected to help the Skull Basher when the time comes.
model is built in minifigure scele

From the top

Standing pose

Sitting pose

“I’ll kill you” pose


seems abit thin

“model is built in minifigure scele”


Well this is a great MOC, the design is really creative, and I understand why it’s thin (ya know skeletons n stuff).

So you get like a 10/10

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A gallery of large images would be helpful as they are rather small so difficult to see the details such as how the body is made. Though i do like what i see - skeletal dragons are cool :3

love the ingenuity of this MOC.

I like the wings, but it would have been better to have it in a size comparable to constraction sets.

Wow super cool great way to shiw that bigger doesnt always mean better

I like the head and the wings… and the body… and the tail… I just really like this MOC. :wink:

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But it’s a skull dragon…

About the moc, I love it! All these skull mocs are making me very happy.

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this is super cool
good job.

Sees title - But Skull Basher would need a big dragon.
Sees picture - See it’s way too small!
Reads the scale - 0o0 oh

I really like this, this guy looks Fantasti-cool™! I like the wings a lot.