Skull Blaster

A fallen sea warrior in the Region of Water, Skull Blaster has been reanimated by the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders, which sunk to the bottom of the ocean after the Lord of Skull Spiders misplaced it. Now allied with the rest of the Skull Creatures in the ancient city, he seeks out Gali's Golden Mask of Water.


he looks odd... can't put my finger on it... the chest?

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I got to say Skull Blaster looks pretty good.
But that blaster at the belly looks out of place.

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I don't like him.

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The torso needs a lot of work, and his color scheme doesn't say "evil". At all.

Good looking moc. I would recommend replacing the black bones in the lower arms with the new silver bone design from the summer wave. It would make a moc that already looks like skull villain fit in with the others more.

I know the skull villains are oddly proportioned, but this goes a little too far. He has too much bulk on his chest and shoulders. Not bad overall though smile