Skull Bomber (2 Hour Moc Challenge)

Hi, months ago I challenged myself to create a Moc in under 2 hours. At first thought 2 hours is a lot of time to build one but it really isn’t so I was surprised I could even finish one. The character is called Skull Bomber and I imagine him being kind of a mischievous goofball.

More images here


This looks really good.


Thanks a lot!


I like the incorporation of the tires on the lower waist of the moc.

you did this in 2 hours? wow, I would need 1 hour and a half to search for the pieces and half an hour to build only one of the arms


Thankfully this was back when I had all my pieces organized, now they definitely aren’t and a challenge like this would be a pain.

Its a nice achievement in two hours - as such my critiques may seem a little undue as you did enforce a time limit upon yourself for making it.

Key downsides to me are that he looks top heavy and i’m unsure how well the legs would do to support that. How good is his posing?

Either way, its an interesting choice of design for the waist and body. Feel it could benefit from a different mask and playing around with the colour scheme. The main body seems black, red and silver while the armour is purple.

This moc has been disassembled but as I can recall his posing wasn’t hampered at all as the leg joints were quite sturdy. I can definitely agree with your statement about the mask, even the Skull Basher Mask would have been an improvement. I also agree about the color scheme, a few purple technic pieces thrown throughout the body would have been an improvement but I did not have any at the time (actually I don’t think I own any).

This is amazing! I love the arms.

You made tis in two friggin hours!? This wouldve tooken me two DAYS.

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Those gun arms. :ok_hand:

Pretty cool! I like the gun-arms.

For a 2-hour MOC, this turned out really nicely.
Nice MOC.

has been working on current WIP for two months

Nah, gonna go with no.

Fun design you’ve got here. A bit too top-heavy for my tastes, but the armor layering on the shoulders and chest is actually quite good, and the whole thing comes together pretty well.

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