Skull Brute

He’s a couple months old at this point, but I think he holds up fine. He has a function where if you turn the gear on his back, his shoulder pivots upward.

Action Pose

Front Shot

Side Shots

Back Shot

C&C is appreciated, and thank you for reading!

(Sorry about the twin suns in the background, my desk doesn’t have much space.)


Looks like a nice function, and I like the overall appearance, and the asymmetry really works. However, I feel the shoulder armor is a bit weird, and the orange arm is a bit too short, thought that’s a personal preference. I also would maybe suggest making the left leg orange as well, as it looks very similar to the right one despite being very different. It also is a bit simple everywhere besides the torso. Other than that, I really like it!

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Most Of my G2 MOCs are trying to to emulate it’s style, and that is why the limbs are so simple. But you are correct, the arm needs to be lengthened. His leg isn’t red because I like to think of the red on his arm like a virus, spreading from finger to toe. So here’s a photo of the changes.


This looks great, though not exactly brutish. If you could bulk it up just a bit more, I think the title would for better.

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