Skull crusher and Skull ripper (based on skull crusher and battle bat from the concept art)

More mocs based on the 2015 concept art
I managed to modifiy Skull basher’s function for the larger torso although the way it’s held onto the body is a little bit weird

Instead of just bat wings I decided to make Skull Ripper’s wings fold into sort of a collar of spikes
Well I guess that’s 3 out of 4 small mocs based on the concept art, maybe I’ll improve them if I can’t find a good way to make them combine into Kulta Kal


Those are both awesome! Skull Crusher’s amazing!

Ripper’s wings are so rad!

These guys may be simple, but because of that, I can imagine them being actual sets!

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Neat, I especially like skull crusher.

I freaking love Skull ripper. I love his build and I love his color scheme.

Skull Crusher also looks pretty cool. I love the color scheme and the bulky look.

Those look good, great job.

These are very impressive!