Skull Demon Lord and his Bloodtooth Beast

This pair of characters is probably my favorite MOC so far. I just really like the way the colors flowed together, and I really love the really demonic look and feel I was able to create here. Those Raw-Jaw feet make perfect “devil hooves”, don’t you think?


These are incredible, they have such a consistent appearances and just look so menacing!

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I love that flamethrower arm, and they look well together :smile:

The Demon Lord has excellent shaping, however I dislike his creature’s red Rawjaw mask. It kind of sticks out.

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edgy n cool, nice!

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these are so unique and awesome

Aesthetic masterpieces. 10/10

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For some reason I love the leg/feet design used on the lord but his chest seems odd to me. The beast could possibly use a black head to even it out but nonetheless I really like it.

Yup, he’s basically satan and there’s his dog. That’s pretty cool man, consistent evilness throughout and a solid CCBS construction. Perfect use of the hooves.

This would get a solid Spook/10, if it weren’t for one major flaw. We’re nowhere near Halloween for this level of fright.

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These look very cool!

Dem hips tho
I still love this

Oh Look.

Dracula meets bionicle, this is awesome!

They have a lot of character


Love the Demon Lord! That’s a great look for a demon!

The Bloodtooth Beast… I like him, but it’ll take me a while to get use to that bright-red head.

You should give these guys a unity function.

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That’s what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

Awesome mocs

awesome. it looks like a mutated skull basher. and i love the colors the most

demon lord’s torso is a bit wonky, and the tires on his arms seem unnecessary

also the use of the 2015 skull add-on on the dog seems a bit odd in ways i can’t quite explain

it’s a decent set of mocs

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