Skull Goliath

The Skull Goliath is a fearsome beast that roams Okoto in search of prey.

The open ball on the abdomen is unintentional, and should be is usually covered by a black 5L shell.

This was mostly an attempt to get back into CCBS buildiing, but was really fun to do nonetheless. I really like the head design, and implore anybody who wants to to use it (with credit, of course).

There’s a bit of an unintentional function in the abdomen, as the yellow shells can be hinged open. This can be used to store eggs in the form of Zamor spheres, masks, or full Skull Spiders.

I love the Ruru.


Has no hair 0/10

Love the head though

that’s a nice tarantula you have there

I love it. Really. So solid.

Thank you, Glad you like it!

That’s one of the best uses of a mask I’ve ever seen. Reminds me of the 01’ Rahi.

Wow, thanks! I’ve always wanted to do something like this with the Ruru, but was never really inspired to until I started building this.

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The head is the head of LOSS we wanted.

This looks beyond amazing! So solid! Great job!

I got to admit this looks freaking great!
The head looks amazing.

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