Skull Grinder + Ekimu MOC

OK, so, I’m new here. This is a MOC I made using parts from Skull grinder and Ekimu.

Here is a better picture that shows off his torso more

Edited title - Waj (aka not legomaster)


I have a few problems, but it’s pretty good for a combo model.

The legs; I don’t like the look of his 2 limbs with the knee above it. Also maybe switch the shoulder add ons with the lower legs/ankle skelleton armor. The skeleton armor looks weird stacked like that.
The chest and head looks like you just slapped the mask of creation on kulta (skull grinders).
Also I can tell one weapon might be a crossbow thing but what’s the other? I have no idea. Maybe stick to one blade on one side of the shield so it’s a buzz saw/shield/blade weapon.

Trust me; I understand combo limitations myself. I built a new combo for pohatu so I know it’s hard with limited peices to work with.

Overall it’s good but just a few problems. And just a tip from another moc maker; shorter title and more pics.

name and title.
Short description. (Below the title there is a box to put it in. Same area the picture codes are in.)

I’m no expert but just check out some of my pages for examples.

Ekimu skipped thigh day

But not the rest of the days


Combining is hard! I’ve done it with MM v SG, Tahu, and Skull Warrior before… You could say it didn’t end well. :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks good though! Noice job!

Light has revealed the will of Mat–


Force of habit.

It looks kind of awkward… The legs don’t really make sense and from the front he just kinda looks like Grinder + Ekimu’s mask+ armor.

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