Skull grinder v2.0

Hi guys, I’m new to the message boards. As you can see from the topic, this moc is essentially a revamp of the 2015 skull grinder. Aside from standard articulation, it also includes shoulder articulation and horizontal waist articulation. I tried to recreate the skull grinder as a stronger and larger enemy for the Toa as it didn’t seem right for me that they had similar sizes. Here goes my first moc!


this is a great looking moc especially for your first one also welcome to the message boards I hope you can find your way around :smile:

Thank you very much!

Your welcome

This is definitely a nice revamp of skull grinder here! nice job and welcome to the boards!

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Thank you!

Pretty good

It makes Kulta look more Commanding aswell

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I like the leg design, welcome to the message boards

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That’s Really Cool!

I like this design, but it doesn’t really feel undead

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This is an amazing MOC!

Welcome to the boards by the way!

I love the legs and torso, but I think the shoulder area may need some work.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this…

…should not be said on the Boards.

Holy crap, this is amazing! He looks so intimidating! I love it!

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I feel that way too, but I don’t really know what to change… Could you elaborate please? Thank you!

Oh don’t worry I’ll say it. That first pose is straight outa Magic Mike (if people are allowed to make fifty shades of ___ jokes, then this should be fine)
Either way, I really like this design. The arms look at tad spindly and could use some more coverage, but other than that, its pretty solid. Good job!

I think the best bet would be to either build a structure around the arms or just add a large tire as filling.

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For a first MOC this is fantastic. That being said, I’m not really a fan of it. Aside from the the torso I don’t really see the skeleton vibe here.