Skull Headbutter

time to get spooky with this skeleton with a headbutting feature + he can fly, did I win you over yet?

sorry, no headbutter, only someone who headbutts

It's...... Interesting..., I'll give you that... XD


Interesting concept, nothing I've really ever seen before

The amount of skull mocs on the boards are too dang high!

But this is definitely one of the more unique ones. What exactly does the function on his back do? Does it spring his head up with the aid of the rubber band?

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jup. the things on the head are claws, because I had skull Scorpio and I wanted to make something else then a scorpion, or a skeleton which does something else with his arms

Sorry, could not find any.

Awkward looking arms. DEY TOO SKINNY! -10
Multiple Trans. colors. -5

Total: -15. You and I are pretty much equal in terms of MOCing. That is good. Just... listen to the advice I have given. :wink:

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Hmmm... not sure how I feel about the torso construction. The headbutting feature is interesting though. Also I would have called it "Skull Rammer" instead of "Skull Headbutter." Skull Rammer rolls off the tongue easier, but that's just my opinion.


How about "Springneck Skull"? :stuck_out_tongue:

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i wanted to call him skull rammer, but I forgot it so I called him skull headbutter

Then why not rename him? I don't think it will cause too many issues.

Dunno about the headbutting mechanic as it seems more like it's just a neck lengthener.

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They call him, Skull Lengthener!