Skull Pirate

This is the Skull Pirate and I have nothing more to say.
Check out the photos

I'm so sorry. I tried everything but the images wont turn up

I hope you like it and please write down what you think.


this.... kinda works, I don't know why, but I really get the pirate vibe from him


I think that this looks very nice. I like the asymmetry

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im seriously expecting this guy to sing this song:

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That hat, It's build is a work of art. An ingenious solution to the shaping. I also think the epaulettes are a very good addition. Overall, a very good MOC.

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Every thing works so well here, the colors, the parts used, they all just come together nicely.

Wonderful. I absolutely love the pirate look he has going on.

I've always liked pirates, so this automatically gets a 12/10 :grin:

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Pictures are sideways, so it's hard to look at, but he's stupendous! Great job!

Yarg harg fiddle tee dee.

Yo ho!

A pirate!

We need some Alestorm For This Moc

Wow, this actually looks pretty amazing. From the sword to the hat and the way you built him to look like he has pirate clothes. The hook is also great. :smile:

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sorry, but I don't know how to turn it up

This is really cool. Oh i have so many mocs that i want to build base around the skull villains.
Great job 10/10.

Ok pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Looks like a pirate
Axe and gun are piraty
Axe and gun are skull villain themed
Belt is cool
Hook hand... Enough said
Simple, but effective
Comes with treasure chest and hat

Simplistic build
Head doesnt really work as well as it could

Overall... 12
Simple, but well built
I would like to see a skull ninja next please. Continuing skull themed mocs is permitted by me

He's a pirate so I like him. Don't judge me.

This moc has amazing parts usage. I especially love the hat. Awesome job !

This is really well done, and I love that hat. :smile:

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