Skull Raiders (g1 reimagining)

Happy Spooktober folks, to commemorate, here’s something I shared on the Bionicle subreddit last year to commemorate that and Skaktember.

The Skull Raiders are a group of Skakdi brought together by their having sufferd one of the worst injuries in Skakdi society. Through their dangerous abilities, specialized weapons and body modifications giving them access to their elemental powers, the Skull Raiders are more than a match for most foes who cross their path.

Group Shot 1

Kulta, leader of the Skull Raiders possess a Magma Halberd which allows him to harness his dormant fire powers. His vision ability takes the form of a powerful disintegration beam. Kulta’s third power grants him the ability to read the mind of a person he’s making eye contact with.

Kulta had served under one of the major Skakdi warlords who had sided against Teridax. During a battle which saw him captured by Nektanns forces, Kulta would be deprived of his organic spine due to his unwillingness to expose the location of the warlord he served.

Kulta’s hip joint was actually quite loose, necessitating a friction connector. The use of the Inikta torso piece was mainly born out of an inability to locate another Inika shoulder piece, but I think it’s for the best as personally I’m quite fond of asymmetry in mocs.

Axato, Kulta’s right hand possess two separate weapons for harnessing his elemental abilities; a frost bolt and cryo-spear. His vision ability allows Axato to “see” other beings through solid objects, in the form of a glowing figure. Axatos third ability allows him to duplicate himself, though each copy becomes progressively weaker.

Axato had made an attempt on his warlords life, hoping to usurp him as one of the four warlords of Zakaz. This attempt failed however, and would cost the would be assassin his organic spine.

Axato is probably my least favorite member of this group of mocs, mainly because of his waste armor, which is quite limiting, and his chest armor, which tends to fall off rather easily.

Puruk opted out of weapons capable of harnessing his earth powers in favor of having his legs heavily modified, moving the earth beneath his feet and allowing him to achieve impressive speeds. This is aided by his vision ability allowing Puruk to inflict his targets with vertigo. Along with that he can also harden his body to the point it is on par with proto-steel in terms of raw strength.

Puruk was part of a party who had left to explore the newly reformed Spherus Magna with the goal of finding a potential location for the Golden Skinned Beings base of operations. While on this mission, Puruk would get into a brawl with the leader of his party, and in a fit of rage the other Skakdi would tear the organics from Puruk skull, before leaving him for dead in the forest.

I like Puruk, in particular I enjoy how I managed to give him horns and the design I used for his feet, which resemble hooves while also possessing a toe joint which allows for a bit more dynamic posing.

Koponaz is capable of harnessing his stone abilities through his claw gauntlets and artificial tail. Koponaz’s vision power allows him to interfere with a beings ability to access kanohi powers. His third power Allows Koponaz the ability to shrink or grow while retaining his normal strength, making him quite adept at ambushing his targets.

Koponaz had taken a sword slash across his face. This attack in of itself would cost him the flesh along his lower jaw, and the rest of the wound would go untreated, leading to the skin on his face suffering from a severe infection which soon spread to the rest of his organic spine. The pain and scent would eventually prove unbearable and in an act of desperation Koponaz would carve his organic spine off with a knife.

I like Koponaz, I don’t know if its the mata limbs on the side of his waist or the use of Metru torso’s as limb pieces but I just really enjoy him for some reason.

Puruz possess a pair of aero slicers and elemental daggers which he can employ to harness his elemental abilities. Puruz’s vision ability allows him to inflict paralysis in a random limb of his opponents, leaving them handicapped in a fight. Puruz is also capable of levitating for short periods, which combined with his air abilities allows Puruz to fly.

Puruz had been captured in the past by Steltian slavers and forced to fight in the gladiatorial pits of Stelt. During one such match, Puruz would face off against crowd favorite Korvan. Puruz’s vision power gave him a slight advantage against the titan, but he would be caught off guard and grabbed by Korvan, who in a fit of rage bit into Puruz’s organic spine and tore it off with his teeth. Fighting through the pain, Puruz was able to make himself levitate out of Korvan’s reach, and from there would escape from the arena through a hole in the cage covering it.

I’ll be honest, Puruz is ptobably my favorite of the group for a few reasons; First, he is green, and I like green, Second, he has four arms, and I like things with four arms. Third, He uses the Hordika chest piece, and I like that chest piece.

Group Shot 2

Size comparison.


Me @ these guys: that’s rough buddy

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They look good. I could totally see this being a faction in the G1 Story.

Personally, I like Kulta the best :slight_smile:


I like this interesting re imagining of the Skull Raiders as a group of spine-deprived Skakdi. The mocs aren’t too shabby either.
Especially Kulta, the use of ben 10 claws as horns is actually really cool looking.


Quite an interesting concept!

My favorite of the group is definitely Kulta; I just really like how he turned out.


spooky scary skeletons :flushed:


Oh these are great, they feel like actual sets. Especially fond of the brown guy’s build. Great job!


These are excellent! I especially love puruz, kulta, and koponaz!

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I totally like those.
It’s a great idea and a very nice execution.
Waist articulations are very nice. I like their backstories too. Abilities not so much though, they are a bit similar to what we’ve already seen (because we have seen lots of them in Bionicle). Horns on every single one of them are a bit unnececary, I feel too, but it’s personal opinion.
Koponaz is my favorite, cause he’s scorpion, heh.

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