Skull Raptor


Can I get more pictures please? The camera quality isn't the best.

Based of the only picture(at the time of posting)

looks more like a bizarre Therapod, or atleast something outside the Raptor Genus actually


Sorry I only have my phone 😟 I will have more pics soon

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Hello Kivax! Please give this topic a read! :smile:


Pretty nice!

Neat usage of Onua's weapons.

pretty nifty creature here.

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Decent. Looks docile for a raptor, but still well built.

I wanted to add like a kind of like horseman in the skull warrior style but it ended up top-heavy and fell over a bunch


This is pretty cool!

It's great,but doesn't really look like a raptor,thought.

Looks great, although, while the body looks very raptor-like the head seems a bit too wide, maybe if you used a narrower piece for the head it might look a little better, but all in all, I really like it.

What can I say that hasn't been said?
As a rahi, it's great. As a raptor, not so much.

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Thanks! I am aware of the differences from an actual raptor I tried give it a look of a summer 2015 set

Well, it doesn't look too much like a Raptor, it definitely needs talons, but it looks cool!

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It does have talons


Those are Claws. I meant the iconic Talons that Raptors have on their toes.


I actually thought about talons but I couldn't a. Find prices and b. Do it in a way that it's not super ugly

Com herepls