Skull Screamer

Hey guys it's Gwideon here. Today I bring to you a moc I made all the way back in august. I like to call him Skull Screamer. As you can probably guess from the name this guys main weapon is his voice. Any ways lets get into it.

This is just a basic front shot. I tried to give him a devilish look

Here he is with a device on that can silence his screams

here he is about to let out a sonic blast

I really haven't come up with a backstory for him yet but I really like this guy. That's it. So Thanks for reading. feel free to comment and stay awesome


Skull Screamer ey?...


Nice. I have an idea for a re-imagining, what if you gave him more pieces that flared out when he used the sonic blast? He would naturally have a swept back look, and then all of a sudden: BAM!! Dilophosaurus/Nazgul coming at ya!

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Thanks I'm actually working on a revamp of him right now

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Love the whole cloak thing covering his mouth. I can just imagine this guy yanking it off and spreading out those mandibles and screeching.

so basically a banshee