Skull Shaman

I didn’t get any of the skull villains, but I thought it was cool to have toa fight zombies, so I decided to build my own skull villain: behold, Skull Shaman!

Firstly: yes, I know the mouth looks awful, but I couldn’t find enough system clips to do what I wanted, which was to give him a bunch of individual teeth.

I tried to make this guy look like a skull villain, with the exposed bones on the limbs, but I also tried to make it look like he was superstitiously decced out with actual bones and skulls and such.

I’m also really glad that I was able to get a consistent color scheme on the guy of black, white/off-white, and light grey. The only things not these colors are a) the clear pieces, but they blend in well enough, I think and b) the trans-lime-yellow-ish piece on his lantern, but it’s supposed to stand out.

For the bones I went more G1 style with the gears and everything instead of the smooth bones, but I think it works here.
Anyway, besides the mouth, any constructive criticism?


Sheesh. This is the second sp00ki skeleton MoC I’ve seen today. I like the use of the Brain Attack head as a lantern. I can’t really see too much else to criticize, really. Although I would recommend trying to take future pictures against a less busy background. The stuff in the background makes it harder to pick out all of the details on the MoC. All in all, pretty solid!


Thok is suffocating.

Please stahp.


Aside from the teeth he’s too spooky for me not bad.

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this moc looks kind of cool in some places, such as the lower legs and lantern, but the feet are odd, and the teeth are too

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He’s decent. But he is literally out there, as in his armor could use some streamlining.

I like my Skull Shaman better :stuck_out_tongue:

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This looks pretty cool

I like what you did with the design of the torso

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The mouth is meh, but I like everything else.

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He looks so much like thok

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