Skull Slasher

The twin brother of Skull Slicer was just as good of a swords man as him. Both were arena champions of the top class. Slicer and Slasher were both in the same village for a contest when it was over run by skull spiders both had the same fate and became possesed by the Lord of Skull Spiders.

a simple yet effective build


Love the use of Toxic Reapa's flame pieces


I love how people are using the dark light to make these guys glow. It looks so much cooler. :smile:

That said, quite a nice build. His arms seem a bit too low for me, but that's probably because you didn't use a gear box.


This looks really cool and I love the color scheme. Also the last photo is awesome.

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Dat Black Light Photo. +5
He looks mildly epic. +20
He looks the part. +10

Visible red pins. -5

BONUS ROUND: Non-Melded Trans. Pieces. +2 for each.
Counted 8. +16.

Total: 46. 0_0. Very impressive.


This looks good, good job.

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46 you missed the eyestalk :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice MOC! I wish you could have used the Gearbox, but the use of Toxic Reapa's flames and large back coverage kind of make up for it. :smile:

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Interesting concept, where Slicer has a brother, and being under the control of LoSS does that to you. 8/10 nice job.

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I got to admit this looks great.
I wished the trans-dark green flames glowed in the dark.

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