Skull Slice’n Dicer

Ever since I saw the awesome concept art in the BIONICLE Art Book, I’ve been meaning to make some MOCs based on it. This year, BZPower’s BBC 77 gave me a reason to do just that. Skull Slice’n Dicer is my entry to the BBC 77 contest on BZP, and I thought I’d share it here too. If I make it to BFVA, I’ll bring this guy so you can see it in person.


I hope you enjoy!


That’s really accurate to the concept art.
The only gripe I have is the shins compared to the thighs, and the lack of armor on the lower waist
But the top half is fantastic!


Thanks! I appreciate the constructive feedback. WRT the shins, I didn’t have any shell add-ons that emulated the concept art, so I decided to make custom shin armor.

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Well, props to you for doing that! It does look good! It’s just the difference in thickness that throws me off.
Other than that, you did a great job. :smiley:

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Looks really accurate!

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Nice job! I’m assuming a lot of the inaccuracies are down to not having the proper parts, like the lack of piston add-ons and the spikes not being the long rubber ones which might have fit better here.

But honestly, this is really close! Nice work!


Not bad, as others have pointed out, everything above the waist is perfect, below the waist may need some tweaking. I think the legs have the piston shell armour add on from the picture. Great job though you should be proud.

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Ooh, you nailed that look. The two things I have to say are that the shoulder armor is clearly supposed to be 2015 toa armor add on, but I can see why you chose the other, and and a tire might look good if it were slipped around the waist.

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Thank you! Yeah, I only had one piston add on in the right color, unfortunately. I’m pretty sure I have some rubber spikes somewhere, but I couldn’t find them/I don’t think I have them in red.

Thanks! The tire is an interesting idea, I hadn’t thought of that. :slight_smile:


I realize this is a double post, but it’s been a few months since Brickfair, so I wanted to add a few pictures and details.

Here is a picture of Skull Slice’n Dicer standing among the other contest entries.

At one point, DanielBrickSon’s “Peanut” fell over, so Zatth helped me set up this picture.

I was excited to talk to PrinceGalidor (Nick Vas) about Skull Slice’n Dicer as well as his work as a LEGO designer.

In the end, my entry received enough votes from the attendees to place third! The prize was a Lava Beast set.