Skull Slicer Revamp

Since @Ghosty made his more of a re-imagining of Skull Slicer, I thought I’d make a more of a remake, bumping him into titan size:

Also, new background. yay.

C&C Welcome


This is what the Toa should have fought- imagine that. A team of about 4-5 titans fighting the Toa. That’d be awesome.


At first I disliked the upper legs, but they are actually accurate to the human anatomy. Mostly.

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yea, lol

also, I needed a way to create titan legs, but only using skeletal pieces.

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Not a fan of the limbs, but that torso looks pretty darn good, nice work.

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it is a fine MOC albeit bit simple.

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Anyone want instructions for the frame?

The extra length in the legs and the broadness in the chest certainly makes a big difference!
I wish the arms were a little more asymmetrical as he is indeed a decaying, reanimated warrior thing, but perhaps that’s just my nitpicking.

let me tell ya a secret:

the chest and shoulders are the same size as the normal set.

It’s the same gearbox, but changed to where the arms all move in tandem.