Skull Slicer Revamp

I hope you can run because know one can hide from Skull Slicer. This is my best try at revamping one of my favorite Bionicle and yes Slicer might not be for everyone but I like him and I’m proud of how he turned out C&C welcome


Not too shabby. I think this gets his spindly proportions down.

The only thing I’m not sold on is the lower legs, as there are a lot of exposed studs and technic that is quite unsightly.


I like this moc. My only problem is the back of his head.

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The way you used a head as part of an arm is interesting
The one thing I don’t like, is that the torso is too long

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Lol jk this skull slicer is awesome tbh

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This is fantastic! I may appropriate that trans-orange shoulder build. by the way.

edit: I now see that someone already did. Well, I guess its free game then. The MOC’s still great.

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Love the spindly look

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Dang, great job! This looks sweet! Slicer didn’t get the credit he deserves, probably one of the best G2 characters writing-wise

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Nice revamp dude! :grin:

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@ReeseEH Thank you and I think I will change the pins on the legs I put them there on purpose and looking back they look a bit odd

@1000Purse30 Agreed
(p.s thank you)

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