Skull Slicer, the Undead Champion

didn’t know there were so much Skull Slicer fan art :stuck_out_tongue:, but here’s mine anyways

critics and comments are all appreciated

(also i know i ignored the armor pieces, didn’t really like em so i ignored em)


That looks really cool! I love it! Mind if I save it onto my iPad?

sure! go ahead

Its a really cool stylistic picture of skull slicer good work

This is pretty sweat



wow that’s really good

I adore the simplistic art-style. It looks like a frame from an animation. Oh well, it looks very good even as a standalone picture.

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Pretty nifty, but his head looks a bit weird.

Pretty interesting style.

A very simplistic art style. I’m not sure how I feel about the coloration but the base of it is quite nice.


Looks great!

Very interesting style, I like it.

The style makes this image very compelling.

Brian is satisfied…

As others have said, the style gives him a very interesting look. Great job


all I can say is goodie


very stylized, I dig it

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As said by everyone before hand, your art style is uber cool! The only thing that seems odd imo is the lack of an outline on the chain, since everything else seems to have one.

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i rarely use this style so i’m glad a lot of people enjoyed it :smiley:

thanks guys!

It’s very alien.