Skull Spider doodles

Got bored one day and doodled up some skull spiders.

Blue (scorpion)

Obviously, liberties have been taken. They're inspired by this piece of concept art. My headcanon is that skull spiders are sentient masks; their "main eyes" are just eye holes for their hosts to see through. They close when a spider isn't attached to a host.


Very nice. I imagine that the "eye folds" open when taking control of another being, which is a nice touch.

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oh man those are creepy, I love it

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Preety neat simple piece of art

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Reminds me of a squid or jellyfish sort of vibe... very creepy looking. Would be interested to see you do the Lord Of Skull Spiders and possibly the Summer villains in that style :3

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3 spooki 5 me
Seriously though, good job on these. They are much creepier than the actual deal.

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Can you please not create such disturbing artwork, I should call an admin to have you punished for these disgraceful actions...

.../s/s/s/s I actually love these, please don't kill me...