Skull spider

spooky. maybe even scary. and part of a skeleton.

a bit early for halloween, but i wanted to post this now so why not.
i liked the idea of the eyes on the skull not actually being the spiders eyes, and the legs coming out of the teeth.

so yeah, c&c is always appreciated, tell me what you think!


i luv u
I also love this, has that scary spooky halloween vibe


Realistic and scary! I love the idea of the legs coming out of the skulls teeth. Nice job!

Now draw me it's lord.

Very good, what program did you use, photoshop?

this is drawn 100% in paint tool sai.


Dude Its amazin

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(I have no words other than that I have no words)

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Very clever how you used the teeth as leg attachment points. smiley

This drawing manages to convey both organic and robotic elements. I like. thumbsup

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I love this so hard.


Thats creepy.

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This is phenomenal. open_mouth

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This is so awesome! I love the creepy look to it.