Skull Villian Minis

Just some mocs I made about 2 months ago.





And you can’t forget the the team as a whole


These are really good.
Grinder’s legs might need to be lengthened though.

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These look Cooul. :sunglasses:

My favorite is Scorpio, cuz reasons.

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the only thing missing is that someone draws chibi version of the skull villains in this form.

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These are pretty great MOCs. I’ve seen these on Youtube, but I’m glad you posted them on the Message Boards! :slight_smile:

they’re adorably spooky

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They’re one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

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oh my god, these are so cute

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These look really cool…and adorable.

I love how you kept Scorpio’s claws the same. Now he looks like a more realistic scorpion (though the tail could be longer)

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Protector of Scorp
Protector of Slice
Protector of Bash
Protector of War
Protector of Grind

OR you can ditch the terribly cheesy names and just call them all The Protector of Spook


They’re beautiful!

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This is way more adorable than it has any right to be. Excellent work!

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These are really great!

I’d Buy These!!

(I can’t wait for the 2016 Toa and Umarak)

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OMG. Awesome! :laughing: 10/10

LOVE IT 10/10 greawt job

Awesome! my favorites are Slicer and Grinder.

These are awesome!

It must be done.

rawr I scary monster!

These little guys are adorable. Great job!