Skulltar the Skull Burner

Though his creator and master was silenced temporarily by an antagonistic green Toa of air. His lieutenant has been resurrected to burn his enemies to the ground. Here is Skulltar the skull burner.

He was once a protector of a small fire village. However after the destruction of the great city, the small village was besieged by raiders and thieves. Even he the great protector wasn’t strong enough to stop an endless hoard of thugs, and fell victim to a poison arrow.

Now he was given a second chase for redemption by the Dark Master. His orders simple kill the Toa and crush all resistance to the Dark Master
Oh and that green know-it-all Toa of air, well this is what’s left of him:

Share your thoughts friends but be warned those who mess with fire get burned.

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Very nice, excellent work. I feel this MOC would slide in quite well with the Skull villains lineup.

Thanks man I really like your comment, I’ve made a whole team of skull villains, (even though two of them are not actually undead).
I’ll be uploading those soon enough, even though it would already be up if someone didn’t suspend me for a week for no reason

I would highly reccomend getting rid of the red shells on his chest. They bulk up the chest and throw off the balance of the armor, making ut seem like he has a lot of armor on chest but none on his legs. It also hinders arm articulation.

Also, the legs are kinda lacking armor when compared to he arms.