Sky: Children of the Light

(These are heckin’ screenshots from the game)
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Sky: Children of the Light (Chinese: Sky光·遇; pinyin: Sky Guāng·yù ) (shortened to Sky in-game) is an open world social indie adventure game developed and published by Thatgamecompany. It was first released for iOSon July 18, 2019.[1] An Android version was later released on April 7, 2020,[2] and a Nintendo Switch version was released on June 29, 2021.[3][4][5][6] A beta was available before release, and was used by players to give feedback before a change to the main game was implemented.

Sky is one of my favorite games. This is due to two main things. The first is the beauty of it all. The art style mixed with the music and the general theme of the game is fantastic, just like all of the game made by ThatGameCompany. The second is the sense of community that the game generates. While not everyone can say this,
I have never had a negative interaction with another player in this game. The way I works makes you want to help other people, and even though the game is free to play, you can get nearly everything (aside from season passes, although you can still obtain the majority of seasonal items for free) without paying a single cent. I would greatly aside y’all to play this game.
For those of you who do play Sky, what do you think of it?


sounds nice!

Tried it, but it didn’t really click. Definitely love the artstyle, but not much else interested me.

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