Skylanders Academy (Netflix series)

so with the teaser of Skylanders Academy being released, i just wanted to know what you all think of it. Personaly i like it, the jokes do manadge to put a smile on my face.

Now some of you might be thinking that this show is probably in canon with the Games, but its not, the show is set in its own canon. One thing to note is how in the trailer, none of the Giants, Swap Force members or SuperCharger Skylanders make an appearance, which makes sence given how the Giants and the Swap Force members were transported away from Skylandes long before Eon and Kaos where around and the SuperChargers have as of yet not been founded.


I'll probably give it a watch...

They're making a show based on this series?

They're really trying to milk that cow for all it's worth, aren't they?


But Bionicle hasn't had the same game released three times with different gimmicks...


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I'll probably watch this show a lot.
It looks pretty good.

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The way it sells is by attracting people with the same base idea; figurines of monsters you can place on a pedestal to unlock them in game. Gameplay is pretty much the same, and the only way they sell new "editions" is through making them exclusive to a certain gimmick.

Except these are all chronologies of stories, Halo 5 is derived from Halo 4, and Halo 4 from 3, and so on. These are bought by existing fans primarily due to a continuation of a story, while Skylanders is sold due to a single new gimmick they add to make people buy it so they can use the latest figures. It's a very effective and lucrative marketing strategy to make people think they're actually buying something completely new.


Well, not Cod (excluding the modern warfare series). But I do agree with you that it's essentially the same game 3 times

Yeah, every game has spinoffs but every one of the franchises has at least one major example of chronology. Maybe not the entire thing, but enough to make them worth buying outside of gameplay alone.

I'll probably check it out.

I'm just going to say that I played Skylands for like 4-5 years, since the first game to the fifth. I remember back when it was new and exciting and even the gimmicks were original. But after a while, they started to feel all the same. Let me cite the fourth game in the series on this- The extra pieces that were added could have easily been Skylanders themselves but that was sacrificed for a new idea and gimmick. I stopped playing since I felt it was just getting old and repetitive. I didn't even finish the last game before I sold them.
Skylanders, from personal experience, is not a continuous game. Other games such as the Halo or Fallout franchise need similar gaming patterns since they are one of a story based series. Unlike Skylanders, where there isn't really an excuse to not change up gameplay all that much. For example, of course Black Ops 2 is going to build off Black Ops 1, and 3 will build off both. Whether or not they're good is a different story.

tldr i agree with joe


Skylanders is a game designed to sell a toy, more or less. Think of it this way; you are buying a $70-$80 game, and then you start buying $10 figurines to add to it. Which of these are they making more money from, your initial game purchase or the amount of money you're pooling into the toyline? Well, $75 is more than $10, but when you've started buying dozens of figures, there is far more profit in the "DLC" you're paying for. Is Lego making so much money from Dimensions from the initial game purchase or the hundreds of dollars many fans (even those without the game) are spending on extra packs?

Skylanders is a game designed to sell a toy with a new gimmick. The more gimmicks they make with minimal gameplay changes, the more profit will be had. The company isn't trying to sell you a game, they're trying to sell you a toyline.


Well, another thing to notice with Skylanders when I was playing it- The sole focus of the marketing was the toys, and nothing else. To be honest, to the developers, I doubt time and effort toward the game even really mattered at that point- kids will by the toys for the novelty of it anyways. Skylanders was built upon it, and yes, it did revolutionize some games, I will admit- I will also admit I did enjoy the first few games as well. And yes, they are remaking Spyro's Adventure over and over again when they really shouldn't even be. They have no excuse to if the story isn't continuous. Like you even said, the canonisity of this show is highly debatable. It's just like Ninja said.

Anyway, Skylanders, I feel, is dying anyone because of its flawed logic, and games that drew a similar concept like Lego Dimensions are beating it. The soul had left Skylanders 3 games ago. This is what, game 7? They're beating a dead horse now. At least in games like Dimensions you can use the Lego Pieces for other things, in fact many people on these boards have bought the packs without the system. Plus, Skylanders kind of sold out, too. They're even using characters from other franchises.
Talking about the decline of Skylanders isn't talked all too much, but I think it will happen. The game isn't "timeless" like Mario or even Sonic, nor is it continuous like Halo, or multipurposed like Dimensions.


i honestly feel like the release of amiibos started killing skylanders, but if you just wanna say it's lego dimensions go ahead

it's about skylanders

you know that thing

that thing that this netflix series is about

yeah that

but none of these would work in skylanders; that's the problem. the gameplay is too stale to implement any new, fresh, things that haven't been done before


Exactly my point, the entire amount of money you are spending is effectively in very limited physical DLC, in the form of figurines that have no true purpose outside of it. The focus isn't the game, it's never been the game, it's always the toys. The more toys you buy, the more you can do in the game, right? That's the marketing behind this. Every new game is a new toy gimmick, and little more. If the toys weren't present, Skylanders would be dead, because that's the main source of revenue (and what they are pushing the most).

Myself included, as I've always wanted a little Lego Cyberman...



i don't very much agree with the idea of them being "toys", but the fact that it would probably die instantly reveals the fact that the games are boring, soulless pieces of trash

not gonna say anything about the netflix series (probably not gonna watch it either)


Well, it's faster than typing statuettes :stuck_out_tongue:

They're more or less toys. Just very, very limited ones...


Figurines are toys, especially if marketed toward kids. If I have a Batman statue that doesn't move, but isn't intended for collectors or even adults, what is it? A toy.

But the reason I we bring this up is because this is milking the series for all it's worth. Plus, it isn't even adding a new canon storyline, to a franchise that doesn't even have one to a large extent, or an interesting one imo. It's not off topic, we are discussing how this all ties in to the series and a dying line at that.

But Skylanders isn't a game like any of those. It isn't a gritty shooter, or a game like LoZ. Point and Clink might work, but not on a console. It would work as a spin off, which isn't our point.

Okay... but if it's not canon it won't contribute to the games at all. Yeah it has plot points, but the games won't reference the series from what your saying. It wouldn't make sense that a story would cut off like that.

I never had amiibo, kid of forgot they existed for a second there. But this leads me to another point- these other games have characters people actually care about. Amiibo, Disney Infinity, and even Lego Dimensions have lovable characters that are know to people. The only reason some Skylanders characters exist is for the sole purposes of the gimmick.


Agreed. Plus this is why tons of kids parents fear Skylanders, since they understand the milking and the amount of money you must invest in it. Like a said before, other games like Dimensions are multipurpose.

Right. They don't even have poseablity! The series could have been a single series of games, with tons of effort. These games don't even come out at a year of distance anymore. No wonder everyone is saying quality is declining!


Eh, I'm not too sure about this show.

Although there's quite a few decent to great cartoons that are exclusive to Netlix (Voltron is a great example), there's also a metric ton of shows that are just... Let's just say not up to par with the rest of their line-up. This show falls into the latter category.

It just looks like another one of Nick's licensed shows on a different platform, with all of the same jokes and character types.


Eric Rogers, the writer for Futurama is overseeing the production of the series.

did you know that.

also: Eric Rogers metioned the series being a mixture of Gravity Falls and Futurama.