Slash MOC V2

Inspired by this.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■?cb=20140503230900

Please comment, critique, n’ such!


That’s a great use of that Ben-10 piece right there. 10/10


Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Catches the Character well
  • Like the Arms
  • So he’s from Ben 10?
  • Don’t like how there are no eyes

I would give this MOC an overall rating of an 8/10.

Great Job! :smiley:

Gosh Darn it, Avocodo! I was going to be first. /s


I upside down torso actually works really well.


Really love the overall look of the MOC, the brutish proportions, and the color scheme. Head looks a little weird though.


There :stuck_out_tongue:

@PekekoaOfJungle, @tahtorak, @Stoax thanks, but is there anything else I can add/remove to make it better?

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The Trans-Green is kind of odd.

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Oh god! Someone has put a Le-Matoran into a vat of antidermis, ate by a Kane-ra, then traveled through demensions and took Ogrum’s mace from herofactory. Okay but seriously this is a good moc! I love the use of the Ben-10 torso armour. But um… his color scheme is kinda like a gnomes vomit (Gravity falls reference!!!)

I myself would get more animal like feet as those look to… hero like? Just a suggesion, but all in all great moc @Rockho ! I would give it a 8.5/10!

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When you make a reference, don’t say it’s a reference, that ruins the point. :confused:


Well, in his previous version he was all green and people were complaining about him not having a “defined shell”. So I made the skin blue, and back shell green. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t see how it looks like a gnome, out of all things…

I literally spent hours trying to make custom feet, but nothing worked. Might try again later though.


Nice! I like the color layering.

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Colors work well and flow great. I always say good color combos are meaningless if they are poorly distributed.

The build is very bulky, which has a lot of character.
The mace is small, but Slash is so strong the mace is not necessary. This Moc is what I like to see. Personality, Passion and Perfection.


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@RedHuna101 I may or may not have created the perfect foot and leg design.

Ben 10 pieces FTW. Attached them 01 Kaita style, giving him more animalistic features. Still retains articulation.


Great! I think you just made your moc a 10/10!!!

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not to be rude, but just about any GF fan could understood that reference.

It’s a bipedal turtle with a club on steroids.

*on Energized Protodermis :wink:


Those new legs really add a lot to the MOC. The hands seem a little small, it just looks like the fingers are sprouting from the wrists, and the grey bothers me, but not like there’s anything you can do to fix that, 9.2/10.

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This MOC is really good.

That’s really all I have to say about this.

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