Slime Sells: Mask Maker VS. Skull Grinder (LIMITED EDITION BUY NOW)

So the other day, I bought an Ekimu VS. Kulta set at my local Target.

I knew they had extras, so I decided to go back and buy some more.

I've decided to sell these to you fine people, ahead of Lego's schedule!

That's right, for the low low price of $29.99 plus shipping, one of these Summer 2015 Bionicle sets could be yours!

Each one of these sets comes with two Bionicle figures, and a Mask of Creation exclusive to this set currently!

Now I know what you might be thinking. "Slime, the official release date is in less than a week. Why would I buy these sets now?" First, I must ask you to ask yourself, "When was the last time your local store had new Lego sets on its official release date"? If your store is anything like my store usually, you might have to wait days, weeks, or months before you get new Lego. It would be much more reliable to buy one of my sets.

"Okay Slime," you might say, "so why don't I just buy them off of Lego Shop at Home?" That is a fair point, but from my experience, Lego's delivery is painfully slow, taking a week or more to be delivered. It would be much quicker to buy one of my sets.

And to seal the deal, I'll write a hand-written message to whomever buys a set! You can have a 100% Official Limited Edition signature of Political Underscore Slime!

So what are you waiting for?! Buy now!

Note: I will be accepting payment via Paypal.

Note 2: One of these sets has already been claimed by @Indigogeek.

Note 3: Thanks to @MT_Zehvor for giving me this idea.

Note 4: BUY NOW!


I'm tempted. You have no idea how tempted I am.


ooooh maybe I'll-

welp, guess not

What method would you prefer?

well I would prefer using debut card through ebay or something, but to be honest I should probably just wait for the 1st for reasons I cannot say ATM

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Might do this next time, seems like a good idea considering i get the Summer Bionicle sets over a month prior to the US and most the time with better offers - shipping would take a max of a week or two depending on location. So chances are you'd still get it about 1-2 weeks prior to the official US release.

Be sure to keep some :stuck_out_tongue:


Ill speak on Slime's behalf here. The set is probably going to be in great condition, it does indeed contain 2 figures, and it is made by lego. However, Skull Grinder is a bit gappy, the MoC looks a bit silly on Ekimu. Overall my score is an 8/10

...wait, what am I reviewing again?


True :<


I NEED IT!!!!!!


I'll buy one just for the signature! :stuck_out_tongue:



TBH, it seems a little late to do this considering that you have Toys R Us for competition.

Regardless, I would recommend buying from this guy instead because reasons.


Yes, but does Toys "R" Us have Slime's signatures to send out with the product?
I think NOT!


Just realized I should buy one...

Just to get Slurm's address!! Mwahahahaha! >:}

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so not to ruin the fun or anything

but uh

is anyone actually seriously considering buying one of these?

if not, i may have to perform plan b


I was considering, but I haz no monies, and have no job.

I think they would've sold better if you had thought of this earlier, since, well, you decided to sell them 5 days before official release

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well its not like i've had the sets for long... :laughing:

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If they don't sell by the 31st, I'd suggest using them for your Comunity MOCs


if that happens, RIP Slime's profit

but on the flip side he'll have a bunch of pieces

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Alright, Slime I SHALL BUY ONE!!! open_mouth smile smiley

(although, I have no idea how to use PayPal, even if I have an account. Do I just enter my visa debit card details somewhere, and it all works in the end?)