Slime's Pokeyman Sprites

So some of y’all might know this, but for a long while Pokemon was my primary fandom. During that time, I used to make a ton of spritework. In commemoration of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, I figured I’d share some of my favorites.

A recolor of Blastoise’s Yellow sprite (Blastoise is near and dear to my heart btw)

A combination sprite of Pikachu and Macargo

A combo of Aggron, Hippowdon, Machop, and Crustle for some odd reason

A combo of Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem to give an idea of what the original dragon might have looked like.

A custom sprite of Squibeel, apparently by Aminako on deviantArt.

Custom sprites for some Pokemon I invented

And lastly, due to this post here:

also note that scatterbug is absent but I only have sprites up to B2/W2 so RIP

also also note that with the exception of the last one, these were all created years ago

that’s all okay bye


these are some rad sprites 8/8

Neat, I used to make a couple of these myself but I can’t find them at all.

Oh my…

That’s one heck of a PokeFusion…

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Well, I guess Brock’s training in Pokemon Breeding has finally added up.

These are cool! I always wanted to try spriting, but never really got into it.
Fun Fact: I’m pretty sure sprites introduced me to ms paint, which in turn eventually led to the first Shape Wars animation pics.