Slizer Revamps - Flare and Spark


Today I finished building the revamp of the old technic set Slizer’s Flare one of the three mutants (As well as Spark), I re-used the wing design from energy but a bit longer and two pair of wings this time, trying to give back the original set’s look, going for a sort of an alien pterodactyl of sort.

Not the best main pose, but oh well, also I know I mirrored it’s arms, but I’m going with it. This was also finished today, though I had a previous idea of this guy that didn’t work out so I had to reconstruct it.



these guys look cool

Unavoidable it may have been, I dislike the mix of purples on Spark.

Build wise, though, they both look nice.


i love you

If CGL were here.
CGL would love this so much.

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well she is here

she just has to pop in and out for reasons, you know that mang

also, bad-ace revamps

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spark has nice lower legs, but flare’s leave something to be desired.

I think i have seen that wing design before too, but i am not sure where.
also i like the amount of purple used, but i would stick to one shade. btw I really wish i had the second wave of throwbots

plus the custom heads are really really good

To be fair, Spark rarest slizer to get
Revamp os much, MUCH to be desired

It looks like random slizer with gun arm

While im preety sure the original had iconic shooter-shield :pensive:

Flare seems preety good at first glance, but after short while looking at him from all of the sides, he seems cluttered

But overall, his wing design seems preety nice

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Did you use this guy for inspiration?

That’s what I thought it was a revamp of before I read the title.

I’ll be honest, no, I tried to make the wings similar to the Energy Slizer revamp of mine, didn’t think a set would do a similar idea.

Very nice! There’s a lot of character in these, and clearly more of your unique style; keep MOCing, good sir!

Also @ColdGoldLazarus b/c she’s kewl, & a Slizer Enthusiast. X3

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I can’t see all of the pictures

I deleted Spark’s images as I plan to re-do him, once I get around doing it/have a good idea for it’s design.

RIP in Peace :’(