Slizer Spark

Slizer revamp/revision of Spark.


Wow, that gun is so well-built, you would think it’s just one piece.


Amazing work!

This is a fun reimagining, for sure. There were some daring choices made here, and they work really well. Nice NPU too, I particually like the springs in the legs, and the HF bolts are a nice touch. It gives the MOC some Spark, hehe.

I also enjoy the asymmetry. I like how each color is coordinated, in a way. The purple is the bulky parts, and the black parts are long and/or lanky.

If there is something I’m not too fond of, it is the choice of a handheld gun. While the build for the gun is nice, I would’ve really like to see the gun integrated into the arm, akin to Samus. I also don’t know what to think of the head just yet.

Personal opinions aside, great work here. I’m glad you’ve been pumping out more recently.


Yeah that was the original plan, was to put the gun in the arm. However every method I tried made it look too “long” for my tastes.

As for the head, it could definitely have been better. I’ve gotten a lot of comments saying “this doesn’t feel like spark, it feels like a generic humanoid” probably because of how I went about it. Totally respectable if you or anyone else doesn’t quite like the head :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really well done. Love the design of the gun and little sparks of electricity he has on him. The only sort of problem I have are his knees and his left arm, as I’m not sure if I like how thin they are or not

So cool. That blaster weapon rocks the block.