Slizer/ThrowBot - Millennium/Millennia

The last missing piece can in the mail yesterday so I was finally able to take pictures of this fella, it was 99% done aside from missing a piece from the arm. Originally I wanted to make a transforming MOC but after that attempt didn't work out I tried going for a mechsuit aspect thus having the Titan and Biker form separately by just switching the driver's location, and that turned into this right now. And yes, he has wheels in his feet so it can roll around with style.

Detail shots:


this is a really solid adaptation, nice work :smile:

Please, just keep them coming! :smiley:

Well, I have most of them done, I have Jungle, Spark and Blaster left.


Sweet! I love this version of Millennium. The only thing that's missing is his trademark horns.

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Well, he technically has them I just turned them into exhausts, I always had the thought those were exhausts too on the original set too.

This right here is why Throwbots need to come back.

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Perhaps one day, though it would be awesome indeed.

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What is this Throw Bots? I have heard it is the thing before Bionicle is that true? Should i go back and collected them?

Any way i have no idea what this is. But it's really cool. Great job.

that is incredible, I like how you use the red pins to your advantage

Thanks for pointing that out to me @Middlefingerstudios

-1 point out of 20. This guy is still great.


That's awesome. But just one question, how does it throw disks?

Yes, Slizer/ThrowBot pre-dates Bionicle G1 back in the early 2000's and for me it was one of the best things ever as I grew up with them and later RoboRiders then came Bionicle. The sets are fun too, sure they're not super articulated as the current G2 Bionicle sets but for someone who's childhood they part took in. If you want a blast from the past feel free to get them, not sure about the current prices though, but so far I saw them for a fairly cheap price.

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I've always liked Slizers and Millennia was one of my favorites. Seeing him revamped like this is really cool, and I think you did an awesome job on it.

There's not really too much I can critique on this MOC, however, I feel that the lower arm design is a little weak, though it doesn't really take away from the rest of the MOC all that much.

Keep up the awesome work, man!

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Hello there, man! Good to see you here, too! So, I think, this looks freaking awesome. Your revamps of these guys are very well designed, very well structured and just simply great-looking. Keep up the good work. :smile:

Thank you, I do what I can ^_^