Slizer/ThrowBot Revamps


This one is a fairly old Revamp

since Judge/Jet is the "law" on the Slizer/ThrowBot planet I based his looks on Lady Justice hence the scales in one hand and the sword in the other. Also made him have two heads, one being blind but seeking justice other being corrupt with power, doing as he pleases, kinda like Two-Face from Batman, I also tried to keep his odd looks since the original set was quite odd looking even among the sets in general.

This one is a redux version of the first version I made somewhere around the same time I made City/Turbo


I originally planned to put wheels on the feet but I couldn't find any, might alter the feet once I find a fitting sized pair. I went with Millennium's "Titan" form because I didn't want to take forever trying to make a transforming bike that can become his exo-suit to bulk up into titan form, but maybe one day I'll pull that off nicely.

So far this is all I put together but I plan to make all of them


I especially like City/Turbo.


I can already tell you that @ColdGoldLazarus will love you if she ever awakens from her inactivity...

But yeah, these are pretty awesome. They're all good takes on the original characters, and I like how you didn't always stick with the Slizer face. The only one of these that I don't like is Millennium. The build isjust awkward to me. confused


You integrate complexity, originality, and a sleek look amazingly. MOCs often lack one of these traits, but I clap to you sir.

Thank you, I try my best with what I have at my disposal

By Primus, these look awesome!

Good god, these are beautiful. The only I think you should focus on improving is millenia. His limbs look a little awkward.


I always love revamps of slizers! smile

Great job on these!




I love it, seriously these are cool


They're all fairly nice MOCs, but the last three don't really feel like Slizers to me. It might be the lack of the Slizer head, especially since those were unique to them and removing them makes them look less recognizable. Millennium in particular doesn't remind me of his set at all; he's too different. Maybe if you were to give him his motorcycle or his chunky booster feet, it might work better, but right now he kind of just looks like a gold and red dude.

Not a fan of any of them...

....except for Energy. He's amaze.

Wait, not even Turbo/City?

Because I thought he and Energy were both super cool.