Slizer/ThrowBot - Rock/Granite

A bit after finishing Sub/Scuba I got an idea for this fella, this time the StarCraft Zerg unit Roach was the main inspiration of the general shape. Also added some crystal growth on it to make it look like it’s part stone/crystal/ore, also it doesn’t have eyes, it’s blind. But it has crystal mandibles, small horn on the head and a mole’s star nose like growth to feel more sensitively in front of it while digging underground. Though I did integrate some features from my Energy/Electricity revamp into this one, since the two original sets are similar too.

Detail shots:


More please! I love the Throwbots! :smile:

Thanks =D I’ll see which one I can construct out of those that I haven’t already.

The use of bohrok limbs as the throwing arm looks somewhat out of place. The rest of the creation holds a close resemblance to the original. I like the head design.

My idea with the throwing arm was that it’s like a thorax as Rock/Granite always seemed like a beetle of sorts to me.

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