Slizers MOCs: Orbit Slizer, Patrol Slizer, Logger Slizer and Proselytiser Slizer

Orbit Slizer

Patrol Slizer

Logger Slizer

Proselytiser Slizer


I always like seeing Slizer/Throwbot MOC's, and these are no exception.
Proselytiser is my favourite.

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These guys are amazing.

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They look like actual sets.

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Proselytiser is probably my favorite. Really like that first image. The other three aren't really bad, just a bit goofy where the last one...actually looks really cool. Not from a "OH MAN COOL DESIGNS!" standpoint, but from the classic Throwbot look and the color scheme, I'd say.

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It's nice to see more Slizer MOCs. The Proselytizer and Logger are probably my favorites, but they all have a nice, classical feel.

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Oh man, these are really cool. They look very fitting for the Slizer universe.

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It's not often you see Slizer MOCs, but it's always nice to see when they do come up.

My favorite of this wave has to be Orbit; it really captures the space theme well with the gold really selling it. Second favorite is Proselytiser. He's simple, but has personality- and looks really cool in that first pose you put him in.

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Replace blue with purple and Proselytizer looks like golden freeza.
Logger is a real beefcake. It’s a shame he skips leg day

The Orbit Slizer reminds me of Evangelion.

“Get in the ■■■■■■■ throwbot, Shinji!”

All of these are unique and or interesting to look at