Slizers MOCs: Tremor Slizer, Construction Slizer, Chopper Slizer

Tremor Slizer

Crash landing alone in the desert, nobody’s quite sure what Tremor is built for… Could his laser scanner be the key to something great?

Tremor here serves as my Slizers self-MOC.

Construction Slizer

Found throughout the city, Construction Slizers work together to build a bigger, better world… Just don’t get in their way!

Chopper Slizer

At home in the city, Chopper soars high and fast, hidden in amongst the thick acidic smog… But will his noisy rotors be his undoing?


It’s been eons since I’ve seen a slizer. And these Mocs are a breath of fresh air.


Always nice to see some more Slizer MOCs, and these one in particular look really cool.


I really like these.


Don’t you mean… it’s been… MILLENIA?! please someone stop me

Anyway, these guys are cool. Look like they could’ve been sets way back when. :smile:


These are really neat MOCs! It’s nice to see someone expand on the Silzers Universe.


Been a while since I’ve seen Slizer’s but these look pretty good and fit the style.

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These are amazing. I particularly like Tremor!

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Make a combiner!

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While I dig the classic style, and throwback to ye olde builds and themes that may as well have been sets themselves

I can’t help but believe there was a missed opportunity in the form of Consturction

I mean, we saw Turbo/City from the actual line had like wheels and stuff

and we saw other Slizers, like Energy or Granite that used more than two limbs for walking.

I feel Construction could’ve been one of those things

and thus better illustrate the sorta “crane” idea that I think the shoulder arm is trying to propagate.


These look really good. Nice job

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Not a fan of the last one, but the rest look like sets that could have been sold back then.

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I want to make these now.
But I have no Slizer parts.


They all have classic and unique builds that really fit in into the Slizer theme.

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never thought I’d see (regular sized) Slizer MOCs XD

good work


these are really good, I love 'em


What you fail to realize is I’m from the future. I had to time travel in order to save the Internet.

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