Sly-Kiloasong Demon Slayer

Sly-Kiloasong or Sly is the younger brother of my self MoC “DemonSlayerTy88”.


Could you take a neutral front-shot?

Besides the blue pins on the legs I like the color combination here. The little bit of extra detail on his chest is pretty neat.

I actually have had this pictures for a good while now and, finally just got to posting this. I have gotten rid of MoC by now but, I can rebuild it because you clearly see how everything is built.

The blue pins were inevitable because I did not have any that were in a grey. The extra detail came from my favorite video game character Dante from “Devil May Cry”.

There seem to be a lot of colours, try to cut down on them. Other than that I don’t see any problems.

Interesting colour scheme