Small scene/dialogue: Jikin leaves

Inspired by the German play/book “Mother Courage and her children” (at least in the form it’s written in), I present: Jikin leaves. This is a dialogue taking place between the two characters Hokar and Jikin, two Toa from the third Bionicle story I decided to write. It’s a major spoiler, so if you want to wait for an uncertain number of years until the story is finished, you better go off this topic. :stuck_out_tongue: The reason for the names? I decided to make every name in this story, or rather on the island of Shira Nui, sound a similar to names common in Arabic (?) fairy tales.

Jikin leaves.

Shira Nui, Bo-Wahi
Hokar, Toa of Stone and leader of the Toa Shira, tries to convince Jikin, Toa of Plantlife, to go back and help the Toa to protect the Matoran. Jikin, usually witty and light-hearted, shows his aggressive side. He leaves behind a confused and sad Hokar.

HOKAR: Jikin, stop and come back.
JIKIN: Ha! Dashirrn! So that we can protect those dumb Matoran? What have they ever done for us?
HOKAR: Why are you so angry? You yourself once were a Matoran, just as every one of the Toa Shira, of us.
JIKIN: As soon as I transformed into a Toa, I realized how useless the Matoran are. They are weak, primitive, and generally just not good for surviving. Why should we, the Toa, help them? If a race is weak, it will die out. Why stop that process? Why not support it instead?
HOKAR: Jikin, that’s incredibly wrong. I’ll repeat myself: You yourself once were a Matoran! And now, as a Toa, it’s your duty to protect them!
JIKIN: No, Hokar. I’ll set out to find others who understand me and my thoughts, and I will do whatever it takes to make you realize that this time, I am right, and you are wrong.
HOKAR, desperate: Then just come with me, this one time. This last time. Please, Jikin, we need your help!
JIKIN: You do know that the Kaita forms can’t be achieved anymore. Our unity is destroyed.

Hokar, just now realizing this fact, turns around. He sits down and folds his hands, all while maintaining some sort of dignity. He quietly mumbles a prayer to the Great Spirits. Then he slowly stands up and turns around again.
HOKAR: Jikin, you can go. I accepted our destiny.
Jikin is already gone.

As you hopefully could see, Hokar is the more conservative (as in save the Matoran, do your Toa things) of the two, and the main source of unity fo the whole team in general. So, how did you like it? I personally think that my strenght in writing is dialogue, but I could be completely wrong. Oh, yeah, “Dashirrn” is an exclamation, like “hell yeah” and similar things.

(The team’s other Toa are called Beisak, Ruuma, Nujari and Sharok; it would be interesting to see what you predict them to be like)

Alright, have a good day.