Smash 'n Grab (Monstertruck version)

(This vehicle was made for a collab on instagram #earthpolicecollab)

My approach on this vehicle was to stay true to the set, because it already looks so good. So no major overhaul of the truck, but definitely different compared to the set.

The idea to make it into a monstertruck was there immediately, but I couldn’t really figure out a good frame for the chassis and suspensions, but found a really good frame from Flickr user ‘Frantisek Hajdekr’, which helped out a lot!


(One wheel can reach 7 bricks high with the other three wheels touching the ground!)

(In this collab we decided to make the ‘Aliens’ as humans, cus these are the earth versions.
I decided to also add a character that operates the crane at the back.)

(The official set for comparison)

This was a very fun project to work on. A bit refreshing from the usual Bionicle stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


This look awesome! I really like how it looks and the suspsension is great.

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i love it

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For a second I thought this was about the Pixar short…

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This is a really fun idea for a moc, executed perfectly. Awesome work.


That is one sick ride

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Exactly the reason the collab was intended, thank you!

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This thing is awesome! I love it so much! Space Police III was so much fun as a kid…

Not gonna lie, so did I…


Really cool revamp

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