Smijjee (An adorable little thing)

Well theres not much to say about these little guys (Yes i said these because this is a species on Okoto, i just didnt have enough megaphone and light green peices to make more than one…) But they are Weird yet… cute… They remind me of a fox on 2 legs with that tail…


I really like this! And I love that it’s an Okotan species. But I just have a lot of questions on how it exactly functions (where it’s eyes or senses are, how it moves, where it lives etc.). I still love it

Not seeing it.

This moc trys to be a limited piece-count species and I don’t see this being an Okoto specie aside from being a single cell organism.


It looks like what alien traffic lights might look like. Not much else to say.

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but how so complicated

I bet he will kill anyone he touches.

Nope… Hes a thing… I mean hes not even canon and not associated with anything… If he was a canon thing he would probably only appear one time…In the background