Smoother 2015 Akamai

Hey guys, I made a new Smoother version of 2015 Akamai, I´m still working on Wairuha but I leave you here a couple of pictures


Well, it’s definitely smoother.

The proportions are off though


Yeah, but I think that it resembles more the original Akamai :smile:

He skipped arm day that’s for sure.


Couldn´t help with that :sweat: but he´s got mechanisms to move both arms and one leg and I think that´s the best I can do, see I´m not a very good MOCcer and this is 100% mine with some inspiration on the original and another one I saw in youtube

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I feel it might be worth trying to replicate a similar basic design to the MMVSG and Skull Scorpio combiner - just as a way to try and fix the proportions a little.

I mean the chest looks alright other than the double chest plates looking a bit iffy. The arms look very thin, but other than that they seem ok. The legs are just massive though…


Eh, his legs stick out too far, and his waist is too thin.

Well yeah, but 2001 Akamai looked terrible.


No offense, but he looks like a T-Rex. :neutral_face:

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You butter do not zay nothingzz dabsss bout da traaax


But seriously he’s kewl.

That’s exactly what I said when you said he looked like a T-Rex. :confused:

wat yu sey bout akamai

0/10 you’r former version tho od lokt mutch beter sory.

I said 2001 Akamai was built horribly and had very disproportionate limbs. He looked TERRIBLE.

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Ok but you can´t say that Akamai isn´t a synonime for epicness

Can you type that in english? Not trying to be rude, but I don’t know what you just said. :confused:

I said that Akamai is synonime for epicness and you can´t say it´s not true

? :confused:

EDIT: Oh, a synonym. Gotcha. Yeah, his character is pretty cool.

I like the body and all, but those hips…


Looks pretty good; I really like the upper torso…

…but the hips… I can’t even…