Smosh The Movie

Yeah, that's right! These two doofuses finally have made a movie!!

A good few days ago they released this trailer, as well as the release date for when the movie will hit theatres & come out on DVD:

However, today they unveiled the first trailer and the website:

Sorry, but I'm gonna say no to linking the trailer due to it's content, regardless of how funny it is. - Eljay

Be forewarned, seeing as how this is Smosh, it may have some semi-vulgar content and language. If you're easily offended or do not appreciate their style of humour, then you probably shouldn't watch the trailer.

Anyways, what do you guys think of the movie? Do you think it'll be any good, or just a cheap cash-grab? Anyways, I know my sister and I are definitely going to see it when it hits our theaters. smiley

Forgot to add the website link:
Same goes for the site. Sorry. - Eljay

Also, gonna reiterate, there may be some inappropriate content. So, if you don't like toilet humour and immaturity, this movie is definitely not gonna be for you. XD


this could either be awful or great


I'm holding out hope for it to be good.

Even if it's bad, I'll still probably go see it, and then maybe buy it on DVD. XD


They're turning into Fred.

Inb4 they get a tv show on nick


This is going to be the worst movie ever.


They should have gone to their roots and made a movie about food battle.


Eh, I can't really agree or disagree with this. As I've not seen one of Smosh's new videos in a long time. In fact, their only recent videos I've seen have been the Food Battle ones (Speaking of which, newest Food Battle was pretty bad) :/

@MaximumWarp I wouldn't quite go that far, especially seeing as how this is the first trailer. I'd hold out on judgement until the movie's out and we can see the whole thing.

@CausticKrana That would have been amazing, as long as they didn't do it like the most recent Food Battle video. :/


Smosh videos are designed to appeal to 11 year old's and adults just discovering the internet. It probably won't be THE WORST movie ever but its going to end up being bad.


It may end up being bad, I will agree on that.
The rest is your opinion, which I will simply disagree on. :confused:

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I will probably see this. stuck_out_tongue

Wow. I'm not going to say it will be bad, but I will say I probably won't like it.

I don't generally watch comedy movies, but I did watch Smosh for a while there.

It's looks like it'll just be a Bill and Ted movie being played by Ian and Anthony with some youtuber cameos, honestly. So yeah, it could be good or it could be horrible. Who's to say.

I do, however, like that they'll be selling it as a download. Seems like one of the next steps in distributing cinema.

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I hate Smosh even more now that they have a movie!!

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..That's all I'm going to share about the matter.


Not gonna lie, this had a bit of a....different reaction than I thought it would've. :/

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I've always had a negative opinion of Smosh and the content they produce. This is no different.

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Used to have some original content many years ago that was slightly funny, occasionally you'd get a laugh from some of them, but this is just ripping off the plot of sex tape along with using the ideas of other Youtuber's videos with random Youtuber cameos.

Not sure whether it will be good or bad, but chances are I'm not going to be watching it as the humour they do works best in small doses.


Just as a reminder to everyone here, please keep things appropriate as per the rules and guidelines. I did make the decision to take down the links in the first post due to their content, regardless of my opinion on them. Thanks!

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Gonna go jump off a cliff goodbye.