Sneak preview of OPERATION VINDICTA Chapter 8

This is what I currently have done for Chapter 8 of my online BIONICLE serial/story, OPERATION VINDICTA. The other 7 Chapters can be found on my Blogger. And for those confused, the story takes place towards the beginning of the Matoran Universe, after the League of Six Kingdoms overthrow and way before Legends of Metru Nui.

Chapter 8- Briefing

Now outside the gate, air raid sirens go off from the base alerting all personnel. I run like never before across the barren terrain though even still the sounds of vehicles tremble from behind me, yet worst of all there seems to be a shadowy presence near me. The elusive void creeps closer and closer to me as I soon find myself turning to look; low and behold, it's Teridax, his squad of brethren on my tail. I hear his voice pierce my ear holes, "Foolish Toa, its going to take more than mind tricks to slow me down. Yes there's nothing more than the element of surprise to keep you fleeing!"

"Stop it!" I yell from behind my shoulder, picking up the pace. Yet the roar of engines grows louder and Teridax seems more determined than ever. "How long will you keep running Toa of Stone? Your type usually doesn't last long on foot, its only a matter of time before you need to cease the chase" He shouts. Suddenly the sound of rapid fire comes from the vehicles and huge spheres of energy come hurling out straight at me, of which I desperately try to block though several manage to strike me and dissolve portions of my armor. "Hold it right there Stoax!" A blade hurls pass me and impales the engine of Teridax's vehicle. I turn to find Rauera appear suddenly, he hurls my Giga Pick right at my feet for me to pick up. The blades impact at the engine results in the whole front of the car exploding, Raueras blade being destroyed in the process whereas Teridax manages to escape at the right moment. He looks deeply at Rauera for a moment, faintly nodding at him as I send my pick into the ground and create a stone barrier. "That was odd, for a dependent warrior like Teridax I'd expect him to keep fighting" I say. He turns his head to me shrugs, "Well, he is very strategy reliant so I wouldn't be surprised if he was planning something, judging from that nod".

We turn for the canyon and make our way back up, but on our trek I notice that Svoboda's body is gone, and though the tragedies from our past battle are still eminent, I know now that this is the nature of conflict. Though what still plagues my mind are the ideals Svoboda and Pligurius held about the universe, does Mata Nui not heed the supposed endless misery of his people? Why do we honor a figure who keeps us working without reward? All these questions though no answer, just the soft blowing of sand beneath our feet. I turn to Rauera, curious of what he can make out of it, "Does our existence as members of the Matoran race matter?" He turns to me confused, "Pardon?"

"To Mata Nui, are we as individuals unique and special?"

He pauses and seems to daze off. Did the question I asked hurt him in someway? Yet he manages to turn back to me slightly, the suns rays creating a shadow against his face, "I doubt it, having wandered the Matoran universe for so long without purpose. I had no interest in the jobs they assigned the Matoran, jobs that were assigned to those according to their abilities rather than following their own dreams and careers". Another long period of silence happens as we continue our trek, though he eventually continues, "If we're all there for the greater good of everyone else, then how are we unique?"

Though our conversation is cut short when a buzzing comes from somewhere behind us. Suddenly a three legged drone lands in front of us, its Minera. "Alright you two, I got a transport craft positioned in the main Arthakan city up there. Now that I got new prosthetics we should be out of here in no time". He says, displaying a holographic overlay of the city with the crafts coordinates.

"Are you sure this is safe? After we outran Teridax and some troops I noticed a faint grin on his face, so I wouldn't be surprised if he ambushed us" Rauera says kneeling down.

"It'll be fine, the craft uses the same technology as that cloaking device me and Stoax used when you were gone" he replies.

We resume our trek towards the city, no interruptions to slow us down. The city is still quiet, though several Matoran workers are applying new glass to some of the buildings and tiny Gukko birds perch themselves on the barren girders. Minera turns to Rauera, the drones head tilted with curiosity, "Say, Rauera, I thought you were taken by the Svobotian troops. Were you not?" The cyborg Toa glances towards the drones wandering green eye ands says, simply put, "I was taken by the troops, though I had to take a longer route to finally evade the soldiers. There I managed to find Stoax." Raueras statement is concluded when our eyes come across a large yet sleek metallic gray craft, its outer shell a collection of hexagonal units forming an almond shape. Within I see Minera pressing a holographic button and the craft door opens, Rauera boarding first then me. "Lets hurry, you never know what they could be planning, particularly with that beam" Minera says as we board. We grasp our hands on the safety bar and Minera summons the craft to life, the levitation disks being triggered and lifting the craft slowly off the pavement. The whizzing of the disks commences as we hover through the air, our hands vibrate against the bar, though Minera has something else on his mind. "