Snow Mauka (Prototype)

This here is a Prototype of my Rahi G3 Snow Mauka although it does look like mauka from G1 it does resemble a Polar Bear yet it still a prototype so if you have any suggestion
let me know in the comment and hit like button and maybe I’ll give you my first Bionicle G3 set wave 1.

this is Red Sapphire, Signing off
P.s. I have created a Chronological timeline to the main canon from Bionicle lore and made some of the legends to G1 and G2 story and history
Peace :v:


Plz note: if everyone like when i post my design
Please comment down below and this time try to save something nice for once

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I’m enormously biased towards Oomatu’s art and my subsequent interpretation of it, but this is pretty cool as well! I really do enjoy the transparent parts and the mix of system and CCBS.