So I drew Eljay I guess

This was done in around 15-20 minutes.

critique I guess.
Also, I know the shading is total crap, but keep in mind, I'm still learning to shade.
(All of my artwork is done with a mouse, by the way.)
(I'm too poor to have a tablet :C)


12/10, cooler then Eljay stuck_out_tongue


Now draw him sweeping next to huge four legged spiders.

He looks

not unlike @Maethorneth

Well it fits Var's description of LJ

17 outta ten

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we have reached nirvana

This looks nothing like me =P

I mean it's a person, so you have that going for it =P

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That's awesome! But I can't figure out those shadows...

Miru has shades... 10/10.

it looks to good, unlike eljay (jokes aside you did great man)

He's got some long, droopy hair

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With those aviators, even @Eljay can be MLG!